Do I have to attend full time or can I enroll as a part time student?

We can custom fit our training program the way that will fit your own schedule. Many of our students are working full time and can study only part-time: evenings and/or weekends. Studying part time takes longer because the whole program must be completed before you can take exams. Full time students graduate in four weeks. If you enroll part time than the length of the program will be determined by amount of time that you can dedicated daily or weekly in order to complete the program. Even if you can spare only a few hours per week from your busy schedule we will get yu to your goal. There is no set timeframe for completion.

Who is eligible to enroll?

The requirements are having a valid and active driver’s license and passing a pre-employment drug screening.

My English level is somewhat limited. Can I still attend the school?

Students can be successful with a basic verbal and written English skills. Our instructors speak five languages to help overcome that language barrier.

Do you provide financing?

The whole tuition does not need to be paid upfront. The tuition payments are made through the course of training. However, the balance have to be paid in full by the time you complete the training and take the final exam. Some students qualify for assistance through unemployment benefits, you would have to apply at your local Job Center. US veterans are also eligible for Government grants. Some of the employers that work with our school offer tuition reimbursement, this way you can return the funds that you invest in the training.

Do you provide trucks for testing?

Upon completion of the training program the students take exams at the same training facility with the State Examiners that visit our school weekly.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

How long it takes will depend on which course you take and the amount of time that you dedicate to the training. Full time students generally complete faster than part time. We offer courses which range from 40 Hours to 240 hours, full time and part time.

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